I Beg You!!!!!

Don’t Wait Until January 1, 2018 To Start that Exercise Program


I’m a bit of a gym/yoga studio type of lady so I’ll let you in on a little secret, the regularssport collage (meaning the crowd that attends yoga or gym class come rain or shine) have a name for you sports newbies. They refer to you as BW’s, which is their cutesy acronym meaning “Burnout Warriors”. I get it, it’s a New Year so of course we’re stepping up our game. We’re cycling harder, hitting the yoga room with a renewed spirit, using the barre routine with a bit more passion, and even operating the treadmill with a tad more Enthusiasm!

I’ve been in those January 1st workout classes and the situation is REAL and Crowded as HELL. READ MORE


4 Versions of Cat Cow Pose (Bitilasana Marjaryasana)


Why the Intriguing Name?4 version of Cow

There’s Eagle Pose, Crocodile Pose, Rabbit Pose, Dolphin Pose, Fish Pose, Half Frog Pose, Crow Pose, etc. (believe me when I say that animals are WELL represented in the yoga culture) and who can forget the most well-known pose of all; you’d have to live on another planet is you don’t recognize the Downward Facing Dog Pose. Really I get it, in the yoga world the deep seated adoration for our fuzzy, furry, and wooly animals come through Loud and Clear but Cow Pose………it’s always been a bit of a stretch for me to visualize. READ MORE

So Tell Me, Which Asana (Pose) Does Your Body Crave Today?



4 Different Styles of a Downward Facing Dog -Yogis Choicedown dog2]


If you’re anything like me, sometimes the fullest expression of a pose is “DO-ABLE” but not necessarily desired? For instance, we all have those days when you want a more involved, up-tempo yoga practice that is more physically demanding. Then again, maybe your body is longing for a more gentle style that incorporates fewer Asanas (postures), a bit more time spent practicing Pranayama (regulated breathing), and adding more Meditation into the mix.  It could be that your body needs a yin style of yoga, working the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and holding the poses longer (sometimes lasting up to 20 minutes).

So, I’m just saying that wherever you are on the Yoga Wheel of Choice” it’s always great to have OPTIONS. READ MORE

“Have A Seat”


My Secret Love Affair with Chair Yoga

chair in road

Okay, if I’m being PERFECTLY HONEST here chair yoga was never on my radar when I began teaching yoga. And when I say it wasn’t on my radar let me be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR; I had no first, second, or even an inkling of thought about it. My mind was more on teaching a gentle style of hatha yoga to the people and totally going into the “Zen Zone” on my sticky mat. Now indulge me while I paint you a Mind Picture of what I envisioned my mat yoga class would consist of.

Fragrant Candles

Soft Lighting

Smooth Jazz or Reggae music

Aromatherapy: The sweet smells of scented Lavender, Sandalwood and Orange wafting throughout the room


A total Chill Mood followed by an Unhurried, Decelerated, Yoga SessionAhh, so sweet!   


NOT United over United’s Airlines “SEXIST” Dress Code


What does Good Morning America, The View, Twitter, Facebook, and a host of newsnew update yoga pant sources have in common? They were all aghast over United Airlines decision to stop two girls from boarding a flight. The girls were well behaved, they apparently posed no threat to their fellow passengers, they didn’t even conduct themselves in a shady manner; their crime you’re wondering-THEY HAD ON LEGGINGS! READ MORE

“The Wonder, Allure and Seduction of the Misunderstood Yoga Pant”

Meta_logo_1“And the Absurdity of it All”

yoga pant 1

Ahh the yoga pant; I’d be lying to the world if I said that I don’t have a mild OBBSESSION with this ubiquitous pant. You know those pants that have become the new “Go-to-Outfit” for the grocery store, gym, mall, coffee shop, and just about anywhere that style and comfort needs to meet function. It’s also the New Age Mom Jean and for my Mother in particular; a very dressy classic pant that fits her “ASS”  like a glove. READ MORE





With Global Warming burning up our political climate I feel the need to scream, “Enough Already”!!! At present I’m so sick and tired of all this DIVISION and we are not even close to the year 2020 yet. Think back to the days when John Lennon along with the Beatles sang “All You Need is Love”, so many years ago. That slogan was a powerful anti-war statement then and it’s still a compelling mantra now. WOW– the world was a vastly different place in 1967. With the Vietnam War in full swing, The Civil Rights Movement sending a powerful message to the world about race relations, along with Thurgood Marshall pissing a whole lot of people off by being sworn in as the first African American US Supreme Court Justice-life was No Joke! And, then that simple song appeared on our musical radar DURING THAT SUMMER OF LOVE. READ MORE




Alright ladies we’ve all been there but I’ll paint you a picture anyway (I love picturing in my mind the displays of life’s events).

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

 We’re looking FINE (at least in our heads). Make-up is “Fierce”, clothes are “On Fleek”, we smell “Scent-sational”, and you’re rocking those incredible heals that you JUST got at Dillards Add’l 30% off clearance sale-Life Truly is Good! But, in your head as you drive up to that restaurant you begin to ponder “The Journey”. What journey you may be asking? The journey from your car door to the restaurant’s front door in those new 4” heels. DAMN YOUR FEET ARE KILLING YOU but for the sake of style you muscle on!!!! READ MORE

Tips to Adopt for 2017 and BEYOND





Call it what you want- Growth, Progress, Development (you name it) whatever you call it, it doesn’t necessarily appear at the beginning of the coming New Year-it’s a CONSTANT. Maybe your choice to reach a particular point in your life comes on July 28, but here’s the question-do you wait for our National Resolution Day? Absolutely NOT! Real life doesn’t dictate that you postpone until January 1 what you can start today, or as old Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. READ MORE