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 I strive to provide yoga for any level of commitment, from the casual yoga practitioner to the enthusiastic student who is more involved. From a deep stretching practice to a slow flow gentle style, my mission is to give you a rewarding, mindful experience. Gentle yoga poses are combined with the breath to improve flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. Length of class is one hour, and that includes a short centering phase, breath awareness period, warm-up, and a relaxing practice; followed by a calming relaxation phase.

I currently hold a group class on Wednesday mornings and I schedule private lessons throughout the week. Private instruction can be one of the best ways to begin, return, or expand your yoga experience.



Incorporates a gentle yoga practice (mat or chair) that Every Body can participate in and benefit from. The group classes are appropriate for the beginning practitioner as well as the more practiced yogis. Currently Wednesday mornings at 11:00 A.M. Session time 1 Hour


The senior rate begins at age 67. This will be in a group class setting.




$50.00 PER PERSON, PER SESSION (MY HOME or Travel time is extra) 

A private session is where I work with you one-on-one, focusing on your abilities, needs, and concerns. Private lessons are great for beginners where we can go over the poses in a more relaxed, concentrated manner. Private sessions are also great for those individuals who have specific concerns because the entire practice is focused on you; it’s customized to help you reach your goals. I will ask for feedback throughout your practice so that I can design the best plan of action for you. After our session I will email you a detailed practice plan empowering you to practice on your own. This will enable you to have the tools needed to work at home on the things we discussed and practiced during our time together. By Appointment Only. Session time 1 Hour (Be prepared to spend an additional 15 minutes with the initial session).


Ready, Set, Go! Instructional Yoga

$50.00 Per Person, PER SESSION (MY HOME or Travel time is extra)

Maybe you’re intimidated by a public classroom environment and want to learn some basic yoga poses so you can feel comfortable in any yoga situation? Curious about how to perform a Warrior Pose, Triangle , or the famous Down Dog? Let’s spend some time together and stray from a prescribed sequence. Lets study yoga from an instructional point of view, concentrating on the poses. Breath, instruction, and savasana will be our focus. Let’s get ready, set, and GO!  By Appointment Only. Session time 1 Hour.



$60 FOR TWO, PER SESSION (MY HOME or Travel time is extra)

A buddy rate is a class concentrating on you plus a partner and each of your unique wants and needs. Do you both have a specific body part that you want to focus on, or would you both just feel more comfortable practicing in a more private setting; if that’s the case than the buddy session is a great place to learn and practice. By Appointment Only. Session time 1 Hour



Candlelight 1Candlelightimage5.jpeg

Candlelight Yoga with Wine or Champagne Package: Base Price $125.00 Per Person

Non-Alcoholic Version Available on Request

You can’t relax your body if your mind is racing. This is an evening event beginning with a very relaxing Restorative Yoga session. You’ll begin with a candlelit, calming meditative phase, followed by a gentle warm-up, and proceed towards a delicious supported practice. I’m talking Props, Props, and more Props. Blocks, Pillows, Straps, Bolsters, Blankets, Balls, Chairs, and Eye Pillows will virtually transport you as you surrender into a supported practice to ensure a restful evening. We’ll end in a relaxation phase that will leave you feeling mentally nourished and at peace.

A good Restorative Yoga session is more like taking a refreshing nap. The props do all the work, you just reap the benefits of a soothing practice. Restorative yoga is the perfect remedy for soothing those tired, worn, frayed nerves, and literally giving our bodies the message to take it down a notch.

Now let’s continue to take it easy and unwind with a glass of POST YOGA wine or champagne and incite some relaxing conversation. What are you feeling after your practice? Hopefully the relaxing yoga ambiance will have you ready for a stress free, chill, and potentially well rested evening.

Included in the Candlelight Package are the services of a Certified Esthetician and a Licensed Masseuse. My delightful esthetician will amaze you by providing a mini facial which is 30 minutes of pure, pampered bliss. Follow that with the services of my very accomplished and skilled masseuse and that will be the “Icing on the Cake” for this very personalized evening.

This is a great package for a special girl’s night out, bridal party, birthday celebration, or just any reason necessary to focus on “YOU”.

Minimum amount of guests is 4, Maximum 8 guests. Ages 21 and up only.  

Note: Minimum Four Weeks Advance Notice Needed for this Package. Deposit Required.

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