Smooth Jazz + Aroma Therapy = Yoga Bliss

Now I’m excited to invite you to my yoga class! I “ALWAYS” begin with some smooth jazz to set the mood. I’m talking a little Brian Culberson, Kenny G., Dave Koz or Keiko Matsui-Instrumentals Only (no singing along needed). I then follow that up with an aromatherapy lotion that I place in everyone’s hands, today’s lotion is called “Comfort” and it’s divine. The understated mixture of Vanilla and Patchouli almost forces you to press “Pause” on the stressors of life-if only for a while.

In every yoga class the teacher has a mission, and the objective is to get your students in The Zone. So, what is the zone you may be wondering? For me, it’s that sweet spot or that small window of time in a yoga class where you get to transform the mood of the room and hopefully your students.

I should also point out that each time I hand out something as simple as hand lotion, I personally get a major buzz. My reward is that I have the singular opportunity to “Connect” to everyone in my class individually, if only for a few moments-letting them know “I See You”.

So, tell me how many times have you heard a song, or any type of music for that matter and you were instantly transported to another time or place? Music has the power to transform your mood. It also has the capacity to stimulate memories, reduce stress and depression, ease pain, build endurance and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)-it’s also Heart Healthy. Music lowers our heart rate by reducing our blood pressure and it has a wonderful superpower effect because it makes us WAN’T TO MOVE!

As for Aromatherapy, it is the practice of using certain scents or essential oils for a therapeutic benefit. This practice is not new, it’s been around for ages and its use promotes a sense of wellbeing in many individuals. As for the various scents, they enhance our comfort and do amazing things for both our mind and body. Scents can elevate your mood and they can also relax you; an aroma can even make you HAPPY. Think back to the way you feel during the holidays and recall the scent of a pine Christmas tree, maybe the aroma of cookies baking in the oven, or even the smell of freshly cut grass; all these activities evoke an emotion or memory.

Certain scents can even lower your stress level, I mention this because lavender is just one of those smells that have that ability. Popular scents such as lemon, ginger, lavender, peppermint, patchouli, chamomile, orange and rose are fabulous examples of scents to explore. I’m talking specifically about their use in aiding with anxiety, mediation, relaxation, stress and even sleep to name just a few of the benefits of utilizing aromatherapy.

So, for me my takeaway is simple. The various smooth jazz sounds, coupled with the assorted aromatherapy scents help to provide a great sense of peace in this world of UNCERTAINTY. This tried-and-true formula (IMHO) helps both me and my students travel towards both peace and serenity as we “All Get in the Zone” and make space for relaxation. Thus,

This Is My Yoga Formula!

(And, I’m sticking to it😊)

This article is concerning topical use of essentials oils only. Never swallow essential oils. Remember, if you have any stress or anxiety concerns or questions about the use of aromatherapy oils, please consult a healthcare professional. Peace