So Tell Me, Which Asana (Pose) Does Your Body Crave Today?



4 Different Styles of a Downward Facing Dog -Yogis Choicedown dog2]


If you’re anything like me, sometimes the fullest expression of a pose is “DO-ABLE” but not necessarily desired? For instance, we all have those days when you want a more involved, up-tempo yoga practice that is more physically demanding. Then again, maybe your body is longing for a more gentle style that incorporates fewer Asanas (postures), a bit more time spent practicing Pranayama (regulated breathing), and adding more Meditation into the mix.  It could be that your body needs a yin style of yoga, working the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and holding the poses longer (sometimes lasting up to 20 minutes).

So, I’m just saying that wherever you are on the Yoga Wheel of Choice” it’s always great to have OPTIONS. READ MORE