Or better yet


Let’s take a trip down memory lane to those bygone elementary school days where everyone was a winner on Valentine’s Day? You remember how it was; you’re sitting at your little diminutive desk and in your backpack you have a bag full of Valentine’s Day Cards with the names of “ALL” your classmates written on the little miniature envelopes. Those were the days when it seemed like the whole world loved you and life was full of endless possibilities. You felt like you were skipping on TOP OF THE WORLD and at the end of the day you marveled at what a great time you had! Couple that with the huge haul of cards you just got stating how, “You’re The Best”, “Bee My Valentine”, or the one featuring a cartoon of eggs with the saying, “You’re Grade A” on it. Back then unadulterated love filled your tiny universe and all was right in your world. I can’t help but have this image of Oprah screaming at the top of her lungs, “You get a Valentine’s Day Card” and “You get a Valentine’s Day Card”, over and over in my head. Well now that we’re all grown up life is not so simple-as adults we actually have to cultivate a relationship before you earn that coveted $4.99 Valentine’s Day Card! READ MORE Continue reading