Ok, OK listen up because we’re going to poll the audience. If I had to ask any yoga practitioner “What is your favorite yoga pose”, what would you answer? Do you love losing yourself like I do in Down Dog? Or does the gentle dancing flow of an undulating Cat-Cow sequence leave you with a craving to stretch out your spine and neck just a bit more? Well, since this poll is unofficial I’d probably answer with just one word-Savasana. Just the mere word savasana conjures up muted smiles of longing and yearning from both students and teachers alike, and rightfully so. This pose quite simply allows the body to process all the things that happened during your yoga practice in a nourishing and healthful way.

A point that I find useful is that everyone’s savasana doesn’t have to be a carbon copy from someone’s how-to manual and “One Size Absolutely Does Not Fit All”. Try changing it up; try legs up the wall, practice side-lying savasana, it’s still a supine resting position and it’s all good. My suggestion and for the sake of comfort is to………


 “Because you can’t rest your mind if your body is uncomfortable.”

I frequently use a yoga bolster under the knees to allow the spine to settle and the lower back to release. Another savasana alternative is to place a bolster at the base of your booty (sacrum) and float your body back over it, you get both a gentle backbend and a chillaxing stretch. You can also hang out in bound angle pose and prop up the knees with yoga blocks. I’m simply saying that there are so many choices and we’re not a gang of copy-cats, so “DO YOU”! READ MORE 



Chair Yoga, Lifespan Yoga for Health and Wellness




Chair yoga is only for “old folks”= Wrong!

Chair yoga is too easy= Wrong!

It’s not really defined as exercise= Wrong Again! 

Chair Yoga is for every age; young, old, and any stage in between. School kids are doing it, office workers are doing it, and people who have mobility issues are doing it as well. Really, anyone “CAN DO IT” and it’s totally user-friendly to all. The best part is that you can work out anywhere, anytime, and not a lot of space is needed!

But don’t let the stereotype of chair yoga fool you, if you’re looking for a workout this book will provide that and more. It’s as easy or hard as you want it to be, showing you that if you want to work up a sweat-YOU CAN! The “chair” and “chair as prop” sequences featured in “Chair Yoga” are both comprehensive and challenging. This book also provides the reader with an overview of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, health conditions that can benefit from a regular yoga practice, and an easy writing style that makes you really want to open and use this book (not just check out the helpful pictures).

And finally, I like that the author conveys the message of yoga in a way that everyone can relate to. This book is a solid addition to my growing yoga library, so check out Chair Yoga, Lifespan Yoga for Health and Wellness by Beth Daugherty, you’ll be glad you did. Available in the book section at amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=chair+yoga+beth+daugherty



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Picture of the waters of Grand Cayman

“Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Year”


Happy New “Healthy” Year.  So now that we have the formalities out the way let’s make an action plan.  Not a resolution to be healthier, because unfortunately New Year’s Resolutions tend to be sadly broken. By the time you read this you’re probably already questioning your resolution decision.

As it goes, losing weight ranks as #1 and getting fit and healthy ranks #5 as two of the ten most failed resolutions (University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology /January 2014). There’s even a name for the downfall of our resolutions, it’s called Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. Really I’m serious, the day is on January 17 (every year) and it’s considered the most common day to give up on your resolutions (didn’t take us long huh?). So why burden yourself with broken promises so early in the year, we really don’t need the stress. Don’t get down on yourself though- just don’t make them! I’m not saying don’t strive to be a better version of you, because we all want that. I’m simply saying cut yourself some much needed slack because LIFE HAPPENS! READ MORE