Yoga Etiquette

Awesome Thoughts and So Simple To Do!




Go to the appropriate class for your skill level. Why? When beginners take more advanced classes before their ready the possibility that you could injure yourself becomes that much greater. Another reason is that if the class is too difficult the new student might not want to return, thinking yoga is just too difficult. Give yourself a good start and go to the appropriate class for where you are today.                                                                                    

Arrive a few minutes before your class to avoid beginning your practice feeling rushed. Also, late arrivals are disruptive to the students who have settled into their practice.

OK, so you arrived 5 minutes late, do you go in or not? If the door is unlocked please prepare yourself for class before entering the room (that means turn off your phone, put your keys away, take off your shoes, and be ready to SILENTLY UNROLL YOUR MAT). Silence is the optimum word here, so be as unassuming as possible.

Turn off your cell phone or put it on airplane mode. A vibrating cell phone can be a distraction during a session.

While settling into your practice be mindful of the other people attending class, some students like to begin their practice in a quiet space. Save your conversation for the end of class.

Please keep your questions and comments relevant to the class at hand.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you free movement. Yoga pants, shorts, and t-shirts or tank tops are appropriate. You really want to be comfortable; a top or pair of pants that is pulling up or feeling tight will affect your practice.

– My Number “1” yoga pet peeve concerns YOGA MATS. Be respectful of others’ yoga mats and DO NOT STEP ON THEM! View other peoples mats as “Private Property”. Don’t Trespass!

– Since we’re on the subject of yoga mats, putting your mat “unnecessarily” close to someone else’s is a big no no. Be aware of the space you take and always be ready to adjust your mat to accommodate others if necessary.

Please do not leave early; the period of final relaxation is important to getting the full effect of the yoga practice. Things do happen though, so if you must end your practice early please be as discreet as possible.

Yoga is a very personal practice so focus on your experience and don’t watch your neighbor.

Practice on letting go of competition. Yoga is a journey that is totally non-competitive and no two yogis are alike. Comparing yourself to those around you only steals your focus away from your own practice.

If you want to do your own thing, please don’t; give the instructor your full attention. Doing your own thing leads to a jumbled class, and this can be both distracting and confusing to others. Also, instructors put a lot of effort into building a class, give him or her their due respect.

and finally

Be yourself, don’t take everything so Serious, have Fun, and Breathe!


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