“Raise Your Beer Mug and Toast to the Love of Yoga”


I’m baffled by the horde of new-fangled yoga styles flooding the consumer market todayphonto (27) and all in the pursuit of separating you from your hard fought cash. While the intent I believe is to fuse your love of various sports, hobbies, and leisure activities into one Awesome Pastime, I’m just not sure it’s doing the practice of yoga any good. On its face, one would think this could be real Cool, sort of like getting 2 for 1 (a twofer). Okay here’s my thinking , I’m a serious yoga enthusiast but just because I personally happen to love apple martinis, reading best sellers, and biking, doesn’t scream “THERE’S A YOGA PRACTICE TAILOR MADE FOR ME OUT THERE”.

Let me give you a brief rundown of some the original yoga styles I’m seeing and by “NO” means am I including all the new varieties:    READ MORE



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