Dear Universe, Please Help Me Establish a Home Yoga Practice! Signed, a Frustrated Yogini


I just left my yoga class and I feel wonderful, no rejuvenated is a better word. The mere phonto[1]thought of going to yoga puts a smile on my face, no really the outer smile is nothing compared to my inner joy. Let me break it down to you from beginning to end:

(1)   Visualize this; I’m heading off to my yoga class and I’m experiencing the kid equivalent of going out for 2 scoops of ice cream (I can’t wait)!

(2)   I get there early to secure my most perfect spot; not too close. You see I personally prefer the back periphery area, great sightline but not so close as to be spotlighted by the class.

(3)   As the lights dim I begin to disconnect because I’m wholly committed to hanging out in the “ME TIME ZONE”.

(4)   The instructor starts to warm us up, this is pure tranquility. I’m so feeling the serene, melodious, tone of her voice; which is usually enough to make me drop my stress level down a notch or two.

(5)    Wow, the sensation of that satisfying stretch across my shoulder blades and the release in my neck is “AWESOME”.

(6)   The rest is history-I AM NOW OFFICIALLY in the Zen ZONE, Peace out!

Now here’s my personal home practice……………..No, seriously I didn’t just get writers block and forget to finish the previous sentence, it’s been pretty much nonexistent until recently. Sure I’d get bursts of Sun Salutation madness and I definitely practice Tree Pose daily like “WHEREVER”, because it’s my challenge pose due to my balance issues. But a consistent home practice for those days when I don’t go to or teach a class is, well let’s just say “I’m not winning any prizes for consistency”. Also, it goes without saying that “I Love Yoga”  but a regular practice for those non-class days didn’t seem quite necessary, until a short time ago. READ MORE



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