The “Pulse Nightclub” Tragedy.




In the past I’ve written about the topics that resonate with me, such as Breast Cancer Month phonto (29)and Mother’s Day, with just maybe a slight nod to yoga and its teachings. Since this blog is called Yoga From a Natural, Life On and Off the Mat, this issue is to some degree, “OFF” the mat-but major “ON” my mind. Let me walk you through the events of this past Sunday morning (6-12-16). I had plans; plans to work on a yoga practice, plans to clean my dirty house, walk the dog, maybe talk my husband into going to the movies, you know basically mindless stuff. But all that changed when I went upstairs to make sure my daughter was awake. I couldn’t even get the “What’s up” out of my mouth before she said, “Did you hear about the tragedy in Orlando”? I immediately went downstairs, flipped on my TV, and proceeded to have my mouth drop open! The only difference from what she told me is that the number dead was much higher. This senselessness wasn’t in some foreign, war torn country that I hear about on the 6 o’clock news, this was in my own back yard. My day from that point on was as if I was shell shocked; simply marking time. I watched CNN, flipped to my local news, then back to CNN in disbelief. I remember the same clips playing on a loop over and over again like a bad movie. READ MORE


2 thoughts on “The “Pulse Nightclub” Tragedy.

  1. I APRECIATED the sentiment in the commentary today because these horrible events continue to get devastatingly worse….so much unnecessary killing. Everyone needs to get involved educating the world reminding the world WE NEED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND STOP ALL THE VIOLENCE BEFORE WE DESTROY THIS ENTIRE WORLD.


    • Thank you for you thoughts. As you said, “We all need to love one another”. Our world is so diverse and the one commonality is that we “ALL” belong to the human race, lets build from there. We should stop the Judgement, Stop the hate, and Embrace the differences. Peace


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