Chair Yoga, Lifespan Yoga for Health and Wellness




Chair yoga is only for “old folks”= Wrong!

Chair yoga is too easy= Wrong!

It’s not really defined as exercise= Wrong Again! 

Chair Yoga is for every age; young, old, and any stage in between. School kids are doing it, office workers are doing it, and people who have mobility issues are doing it as well. Really, anyone “CAN DO IT” and it’s totally user-friendly to all. The best part is that you can work out anywhere, anytime, and not a lot of space is needed!

But don’t let the stereotype of chair yoga fool you, if you’re looking for a workout this book will provide that and more. It’s as easy or hard as you want it to be, showing you that if you want to work up a sweat-YOU CAN! The “chair” and “chair as prop” sequences featured in “Chair Yoga” are both comprehensive and challenging. This book also provides the reader with an overview of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, health conditions that can benefit from a regular yoga practice, and an easy writing style that makes you really want to open and use this book (not just check out the helpful pictures).

And finally, I like that the author conveys the message of yoga in a way that everyone can relate to. This book is a solid addition to my growing yoga library, so check out Chair Yoga, Lifespan Yoga for Health and Wellness by Beth Daugherty, you’ll be glad you did. Available in the book section at



2 thoughts on “Chair Yoga, Lifespan Yoga for Health and Wellness

    • Chair Yoga is a great way to “Take it Down a Notch” without ever having to get out of your seat! Check out this book because its packed with useful information to aid in reducing tension and tightness from your body. Peace…………..Jeanie


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