Ok, OK listen up because we’re going to poll the audience. If I had to ask any yoga practitioner “What is your favorite yoga pose”, what would you answer? Do you love losing yourself like I do in Down Dog? Or does the gentle dancing flow of an undulating Cat-Cow sequence leave you with a craving to stretch out your spine and neck just a bit more? Well, since this poll is unofficial I’d probably answer with just one word-Savasana. Just the mere word savasana conjures up muted smiles of longing and yearning from both students and teachers alike, and rightfully so. This pose quite simply allows the body to process all the things that happened during your yoga practice in a nourishing and healthful way.

A point that I find useful is that everyone’s savasana doesn’t have to be a carbon copy from someone’s how-to manual and “One Size Absolutely Does Not Fit All”. Try changing it up; try legs up the wall, practice side-lying savasana, it’s still a supine resting position and it’s all good. My suggestion and for the sake of comfort is to………


 “Because you can’t rest your mind if your body is uncomfortable.”

I frequently use a yoga bolster under the knees to allow the spine to settle and the lower back to release. Another savasana alternative is to place a bolster at the base of your booty (sacrum) and float your body back over it, you get both a gentle backbend and a chillaxing stretch. You can also hang out in bound angle pose and prop up the knees with yoga blocks. I’m simply saying that there are so many choices and we’re not a gang of copy-cats, so “DO YOU”! READ MORE 



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