“Yoga On the Cheap”


Not 100% Sure Yoga is for You?

 Okay, here’s the deal-sometimes you don’t want to spend a fortune to look “Legit”. What does legit mean you may ask? Well it means having the PROPER equipment.2-yoga-blocks

When I initially started taking yoga classes I thought, buy a cheap mat and your good to go; which is exactly what I did. I mean really, you go to class, you roll out your mat, and you join the ranks of the Zen-World, Right? Well that was probably a tad premature on my part because my bargain basement mat started fading, separating, and looking a bit second-hand; but who cared it did the trick. Unfortunately though, it was pretty obvious by all who spied my mat that it was not purchased at Athleta (my yoga store of choice) or LuLuLemon, but since I dance to my own beat I was good! READ MORE


WHEN: Saturday, October 1 through Monday, October 31th   ribbon


WHY: Because it’s imperative that we spread the word that Breast Cancer is the 2nd most common kind of cancer in women.

The good news is that mammography-the screening test for breast cancer helps detect it earlier when it’s easier to treat.

Want a way to easily remember to perform a Self-Exam to check out the girls (boobs, tatas, the dream team, breasts)? My friend, who is a breast cancer survivor herself says the way she tells ladies to commit to the monthly breast check is to simply do it on their birthday (can’t forget that date). Another way is to have a trusted buddy pledge to do the exam when you do. Since you both perform the breast self-check on the same day, you  are both equally accountable to each other.

There’s an APP For That!  I’ve even seen some sites on the internet that will send you a monthly reminder to do your self-breast exam,SERIOUSLY-How Easy is That!  Whatever makes you remember to do it is all good-JUST DO IT!





“What a Difference a Day Makes”

Meta_logo_1 Weathering the Storm-Matthew Style


 The time says 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, October 6 and I’m earnestly awaiting Matthew, and no it’s not a dinner date. Okay if you’ve been checking out the news Matthew just happens to be Hurricane Matthew, followed a little too closely by his mischievous little sister Nicole (time to separate those two evil siblings). I figured I better write this shout out blog right now before I lose power to my trusty computer.

Today has been a bear, I’m telling you this hurricane stuff is not for the faint of heart. Here’s just a brief rundown of my day and it wasn’t pretty. READ MORE



 How to Get a Handle on Saying It

 Yes Person /JES-p3: (r) sen                                                   xxxc


  1. an affirmative* I really wanted you to say yes
  2. a human being * this is too difficult for one person to complete

Synonym: people pleaser, person who finds difficulty in saying the word no

I figured I’d look up the combo word “Yes Person” and give you “MY” definition of a person who is unable to say “NO”. I mean seriously, the condition starts at an early age and if you don’t get a handle on it, the suffering, burden, and hardship it can cause one is devastating to your health and welfare. You can’t sleep, you struggle with uncertainty, and making decisions become an effort. It can cause someone afflicted with “Yes Syndrome” to doubt their self-worth, and all this is for the sake of making someone “ELSE” happy. Okay, I’m being a little frivolous and tongue-in-cheek here but you get the point-Not Being Able to Say No, Can Be Hazardous to Your Health”. READ MORE




As a Black yoga instructor (as in African American) I think I’m uniquely qualified to conduct a survey among black women on “WHY MORE BLACK PEOPLE DON’T TAKE YOGA CLASSES”?



Top 6 answers in no particular order:

  1. The music is so “BORING”, I think I could fall asleep.
  2. As soon as I walk in the door “I feel out of place”.
  3. Black people “Don’t Do Yoga”.
  4. No one helps me when I know I’m doing that shit “WRONG”.
  5. All those women are skinny as hell, young, and dressed like they’re going to the club when they leave.  
  6. NO ONE IN THAT DAMN ROOM IS BLACK!!!!!!!!!! Can we have a Black or Brown face in attendance; honestly anyone who looks remotely like me?

I feel they’re pain because some of it is my pain. I’ve been practicing yoga off and on since the 90’s, I got registered in 2013 as a yoga teacher and it’s been a Long, Lonely Road. With African Americans and Latino Americans being the largest racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, it really infuriates me (Translation-Pisses Me Off) that this is even an issue in 2016.  We are quickly becoming a Minority Majority Nation but where’s the acknowledgement? Words such as Oblivious, Hypocritical, Invisible, and Unconscious come to mind because we are so “Overlooked” as a culture by the yoga community who appears ASLEEP at the wheel! READ MORE

When the Mind Says “YES” but the Body Screams a Resounding “HELL NO”, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

The following is a dialogue between my Mind and my Body:

Mind:   Wow, my instructor just said, “Inhale and twist a little deeper, she wants me to focus my breath into the twist. I’m so feeling this!

Body:   I don’t know about this going deeper and breathing into the stretch thing, I think I’ve twisted enough-I’m Good, it’s a wrap. And, honestly how do you direct your breath into a particular appendage? Is this what they call, “Flowery Yoga Speak”? I don’t like it!

Mind:   Shut up, I Got This!

Body:   Ouch! I just acted a fool and over-directed my twist,  now my damn back is THROBBING ! I knew I should have listened to my body.

Moral to the story:

The Mind might say, “I’m going to do Dancer Pose, but the Body thinks a Preparatory Quadricep Stretch is way more doable”

“Listen to Your Body”

Allow me to give you some personal history. Some years back my body played this phonto[2]ridiculously cruel trick on me, “It didn’t work on command-BUMMER”. Let me explain. I hate to admit this due to my embarrassment, but once upon a time I thought that modifying my yoga practice would make me appear sort of inadequate, you know “Less Able”. I’d been practicing for years and I wanted to appear like a Yoga Rock Star on the mat (talk about an out-of-whack sense of self). In my head I thought that modifying a pose was for those “OTHER PEOPLE”, certainly not me. And then I had the most humbling “YOGA” experience of my life, I pulled my groin muscle (talk about PAIN). It’s the weirdest feeling when your mind says “I Got This” but your body says, “I Refuse to Cooperate”. No problem I thought, I’ll just muscle through it-NOT!  READ MORE


The “Pulse Nightclub” Tragedy.




In the past I’ve written about the topics that resonate with me, such as Breast Cancer Month phonto (29)and Mother’s Day, with just maybe a slight nod to yoga and its teachings. Since this blog is called Yoga From a Natural, Life On and Off the Mat, this issue is to some degree, “OFF” the mat-but major “ON” my mind. Let me walk you through the events of this past Sunday morning (6-12-16). I had plans; plans to work on a yoga practice, plans to clean my dirty house, walk the dog, maybe talk my husband into going to the movies, you know basically mindless stuff. But all that changed when I went upstairs to make sure my daughter was awake. I couldn’t even get the “What’s up” out of my mouth before she said, “Did you hear about the tragedy in Orlando”? I immediately went downstairs, flipped on my TV, and proceeded to have my mouth drop open! The only difference from what she told me is that the number dead was much higher. This senselessness wasn’t in some foreign, war torn country that I hear about on the 6 o’clock news, this was in my own back yard. My day from that point on was as if I was shell shocked; simply marking time. I watched CNN, flipped to my local news, then back to CNN in disbelief. I remember the same clips playing on a loop over and over again like a bad movie. READ MORE

“Raise Your Beer Mug and Toast to the Love of Yoga”


I’m baffled by the horde of new-fangled yoga styles flooding the consumer market todayphonto (27) and all in the pursuit of separating you from your hard fought cash. While the intent I believe is to fuse your love of various sports, hobbies, and leisure activities into one Awesome Pastime, I’m just not sure it’s doing the practice of yoga any good. On its face, one would think this could be real Cool, sort of like getting 2 for 1 (a twofer). Okay here’s my thinking , I’m a serious yoga enthusiast but just because I personally happen to love apple martinis, reading best sellers, and biking, doesn’t scream “THERE’S A YOGA PRACTICE TAILOR MADE FOR ME OUT THERE”.

Let me give you a brief rundown of some the original yoga styles I’m seeing and by “NO” means am I including all the new varieties:    READ MORE