“Yoga On the Cheap”


Not 100% Sure Yoga is for You?

 Okay, here’s the deal-sometimes you don’t want to spend a fortune to look “Legit”. What does legit mean you may ask? Well it means having the PROPER equipment.2-yoga-blocks

When I initially started taking yoga classes I thought, buy a cheap mat and your good to go; which is exactly what I did. I mean really, you go to class, you roll out your mat, and you join the ranks of the Zen-World, Right? Well that was probably a tad premature on my part because my bargain basement mat started fading, separating, and looking a bit second-hand; but who cared it did the trick. Unfortunately though, it was pretty obvious by all who spied my mat that it was not purchased at Athleta (my yoga store of choice) or LuLuLemon, but since I dance to my own beat I was good! READ MORE


3 thoughts on ““Yoga On the Cheap”

    • Hi Pamela and thanks so much for checking out my blog! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your mom’s energy in my class, she is definitely a wonderful spirit. Peace
      P.S. Your blog is WONDERFUL, I felt as if I was having that virtual cup of coffee with you. I’ll totally continue following your reflections on life;-)

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