“Life Can Be Such A Pain In The Neck”



phonto[1]Mental stress is the butt of so many neck issues, and if you’re anything like me my neck pain at times can give me the “Blues” (translation-hurts like hell). So if you consider “STRESS” to be the catchword of the 21st Century, then “TENSION” has got to be her evil stepsister. Just Google achy neck and thousands of possible explanations and solutions appear even before typing the last letters out in the word “neck”. And let me tell you when stress raises its ugly head, in my case my neck is the receiver of all that pressure.

So many things contribute to our neck despair. Our purses are too heavy, we cradle our phones with our necks to free up our hands, and can we all say POSTURE in unison! What about gazing at our computer screen, TV, looking down at the cell phone and iPad; damn just life in general is tough on our necks. And these are just some things we knowingly control. What about arthritis, disk problems, muscle strain, pinched nerves, and other trauma related to the care of our delicate neck region. READ MORE


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