Breast Cancer Awareness “Taking Your Life Back and Moving Ahead”

Meta_logo_1Breast Cancer Awarenes

“Taking Your Life Back and MOVING AHEAD”     FullSizeRender (10)


I remember the moment as if it was yesterday when Brenda G. my ride-or-die buddy said, “I need you to come feel my breast”. We were at work and I was on break, she had snuck upstairs to get me alone. We went into the restroom and with no modesty she raised her shirt (she wasn’t modest then and she’s still not). I remember feeling a large hard mass but I didn’t want to sound overly alarmed, DON’T GET ME WRONG I was so scared, I just didn’t want to scare her. My first inclination was to downplay the situation but it was tough. You see Brenda was only 24; the year was 1984 to be precise and 24 year olds just don’t get breast cancer-or so I thought. I’ll spare you the overly numbing details but she did indeed have cancer. How do you help someone you love deal with a devastating diagnosis?  My friend had breast cancer and all I could do was watch her pain. Up until that point in my life only one other dear friend in my inner circle had to concern themselves with their own mortality but happily today life is going great for Missy (Yea!). READ MORE



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