NEWSFLASH, “My Yoga Mat is Not a Path, It’s a Destination”


NEWSFLASH, “My Yoga Mat is Not a Path, It’s a Destination”Yoga mat and converse

Yoga From A Natural: Jeanie Sallah


I Will Not Let

Anyone Walk                                                     

Through My Mind

With Their Dirty Feet



Picture me in a cocoon of stillness, I am so in the zone. I’m literally chilling in easy pose, you know quieting my mind, taking my focus inward. My eyes are closed-I’m plainly blocking out any sights and sounds that would distract me from tuning in and zoning out. My fellow practitioners are now flooding into the room, searching for that perfect spot in the vast open studio space.  You need to understand the importance of finding that perfect unobstructed spot. There is a space-finding formula in yoga classes; you don’t want to get so close that you’re every move can be scrutinized by the class, yet not so far back that you need to strain your eyes because you just can’t see.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I need this today, my shoulders are up by my ears with tension and I’m wondering if that spa down the street still does that $29.95 intro deal (I really need a massage). The instructor enters the room and hooks up her iPod to the bluetooth speaker; soothing music begins to flood the room-I need this. The scene is the ultimate Zen setting, dim lighting, tranquility-I AM SO IN THE ZONE.

We’re now centering and OH HELL NO, DID SHE REALLY JUST WALK ACROSS MY MAT! This lady just bum rushed the room, she’s 4 minutes late (no I just peaked at the clock on the wall-5 minutes late), see my concentration is NOW broken-I really just looked at the clock. This women is making noise, clicking her keys and turning off her cell phone as she walks over my mat with her dirty tennis shoes in search of an open spot! Great aren’t I the lucky one- that spot is right next to me! In yoga I always say this is a “No Judgement Zone”. Seriously I don’t want to judge but OK I’m judging; that’s just plain nasty, in addition to being disrespectful and rude. SHE JUST WALKED ON MY YOGA MAT! READ MORE



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