“Finding Peace in these Chaotic Times”


Everyone views this election differently and I get it. For me though it’s pretty straightforward, I now feel I can breathe just a bit easier. I now feel I can shed this constant low-grade feeling of gloom and maybe just relax a bit. As a person of color this election has weighed heavily on my soul. Not just the actual election itself but even the previous 12 plus years of collective negative comments, insults, and the barrage of unfounded “Birther” claims.

Michelle Obama once graciously said, “When they go low, We go high” and I’ve thought of that quote often throughout the years. It’s a fantastic lesson that we all need to emulate. This election has been a master’s class in fighting those Two Extremes, so let’s now all take a collective “Pause” and put this election mess in its proper place.

I don’t expect that Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and everyone else in between will gather together around the campfire, roast marshmallow’s and collectively sing, We are the World”.  Also, I’m not naïve enough to believe that we should all just get over it because “I GET IT”, one side is Pissed because their person lost. BUT we have to move on, otherwise NOBODY WINS and that’s not how democracy works. What we should expect going forward is Civility, Understanding and a Willingness from our President, elected officials and the entire citizenship to make these United States a place where we all can roll-up our sleeves and pull this mess together for the sake of our Country.

So, what I have now is Faith. Faith because I want a better country for us all and I now believe we have an empathetic leader who will help us achieve just that. For me, on a more personal note, I want the freedom of being able to sleep more soundly at night. Sleep without fear, fear for my family and my friends. Sleep without the gnawing anxiety of another headline making, senseless death jarring me awake. I want to relax my mind, all while realizing that the other shoe isn’t just waiting to drop. I’m also willing to bet that regardless of your party affiliation I’m not alone in this humble desire either, because I know a lot of you want the same things that I do.

We have a litany of problems that need our attention currently; COVID-19, Climate Change, the Economy, Racial and Ethnic Inequalities, LGBTQ Rights, Immigration and our Healthcare System to name a few. Hell-Something so basic as people having enough food to eat, clean water to drink and a safe place to lay their heads shouldn’t be this widespread and commonplace. These are important concerns going forward and not necessarily in that order but unfortunately the list is LONGER THAN THIS! Please let’s not waste any more time Arguing, Bickering, Pointing Fingers and looking for ways to further divide us. 

All parties working together for the good of the whole is what we need now and in the future. At this time, we have this incredible opportunity for positive change if we all simply recognize that we are all far more alike than we are different. We have to begin this process TODAY because,

“The World is WATCHING


We can’t just Do Better,

We have to Be Better”