I really can’t put a finger on “Why My Damn Hand Hurts”

Phonto toys or tools

We don’t tend to pick up coins off the ground anymore but could you if you had to?

Think about putting on your bra or maybe buttoning your shirt?

How difficult is it for you to thread a needle?

Ever try to comfortably put a screw into an object and the thought of also holding the screw driver in the other hand gives you visions of walking a high wire?

What about twisting the lid off of a jar, zipping up a jacket, or my personal favorite, taking the cork out of a bottle of champagne (Smile)?

All these things take finger manipulation and dexterity, along with joint and wrist maneuvering. Not too big a deal if your fingers are in Tip-Top shape but sometimes we have a lot of issues with our hands and fingers. READ MORE